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Texas Equine Hospital

We strive to provide a full scenario of equine practice and expose interns to the wide variety of cases we see.  This is a high volume, fast-paced, rigorous internship. We believe in mentoring our interns, push them to develop their skill set and give them opportunity to engage in all the facets of the practice.  A strong work ethic and excellent people skills are prerequisite to success of intern candidates. We believe the internship program is an environment to experience equine practice on a daily basis, get to interact with clients, and take responsibility for cases.  We encourage our interns to develop not only their clinical skills but also their ability to communicate effectively, since both skills are critical to the development of a successful practitioner.

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays 8 am to 12 pm.  Emergencies are seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Interns can anticipate seeing 7-10 nighttime emergencies per week.  Primary duties will be in-hospital, but some ambulatory exposure will be available, in the form of assisting the doctor making farm calls.  Duties in the hospital involve daily treatment of hospitalized cases, assisting in examinations of the various patients admitted, and supervised performance of various veterinary procedures.  Interns will also assist in surgical procedures and administer anesthesia occasionally.  Interns will rotate emergency duty and will be the primary doctor to receive and treat emergencies, however, back-up assistance is always available and encouraged if needed.

Emergency duty is shared on a rotational basis with the other intern (every other day and every other weekend).  Holidays are covered on a rotational basis.  Responsibilities during the week commence at 7:30 am and continue until the work for the day is completed.

Initially, there is quite a bit of supervision and training.  After a gradual transition and as your skill and training levels increase, supervision will taper off.   The intern will always be under direct or indirect supervision (surgeon will be within 30 minutes of the hospital).  The amount of supervision will depend on the intern’s competence and level of experience.

The Internship is a salaried position. Benefits include the availability of on-site apartments, 1 week paid vacation, and expenses to attend one veterinary conference at Texas A&M. TVMA, AAEP and AVMA dues are provided.  Cell phone allowance, health/dental insurance, and professional liability insurance (100%) is provided.  See AAEP Avenues for salary and housing allowance if on-site living accommodations are declined.

Internships are for one year and run from June through May. Applications are accepted in the Fall of each year. Application deadlines are October 30 and notification of acceptance is in early November of each year via phone call or e-mail.

To apply for an internship position, please attach the following to our contact form:

Curriculum vitae, letter of intent, and 2 letters of reference to Dr. Honnas.

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Texas Equine Hospital

The externship program at Texas Equine Hospital is available year round.  Externships are generally 2 weeks in duration and students interested should have completed at least one year of Veterinary school. 

Externship candidates will be expected to assist the interns with treatments of hospital cases; assist clinicians in diagnostic and therapeutic care of hospital cases and out-patients; plus assist clinicians on ambulatory calls.  This will include emergency cases. 

The high volume caseload will provide the student with clinical competency, diagnostic skills and communication skills.  When room is available, we invite students to stay in the apartments here at the clinic. Lunch is provided Monday – Friday.

Shadow/Volunteer Program

Texas Equine Hospital

This is a volunteer program. The purpose is for the shadower to observe and learn. We offer the program on an 8-week rotation basis. The intention is for the shadower to receive 30 hours of training during that 8 weeks.

The shadowing program will provide for a 30-hour rotation for shadowing lameness and surgery.

The rotation schedule is 4 hours a day one day a week Monday through Friday 8-12 or 1-5. Please email or call for more information on how to get on the rotation list.

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Tours of the Facility

We will be glad to give individual or group tours of our facility. If you call and make an appointment, we can try to schedule you when you can watch one of our Boarded Surgeons perform a surgery.